Drak is a skeevy, cold-hearted bastard who runs parts of the buried underground city of Ba Sing Se. He is known to be an alchemist, and a sociopath.

Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityEarth Kingdom
Ageapprox. 27 (Possibly Younger, as he looks older due to drugs and the plague)
Social StandingBastard Child
Physical Description
EthnicityEK; Ba Sing Se
Hair ColorGreasy Black
Eye ColorGreen
Personal Attributes
WeaponryRusty Dagger
Skill LevelSerial Killer
Other SkillsAlchemy
Work & Politics
ResidenceBa Sing Se Underground
Political Viewpoint
OccupationDrug Lord
AllegianceJade Shark
Known Enemies


There isn't much to be said about Drak's past- what he remembers with lucidity is still not much, and probably not altogether reliable in terms of a legitimate history. However, Drak recalls being raised by a sick and then dying mother who worked as a prosititute in Na Sing Se (Ba Sing Se's Red Light district, also known as "The Penetrable City"). He was the result of an affair between his own mother, and nobleman who paid her infrequently as hush money, and then later Drak, in order to go to school. Drak's father however, ultimately "failed" to save his mother from her illness, and his anger and resentment towards his father and half-brother grew to such a point that after he graduated Ba Sing Se University, his first act was to murder both of them in retaliation, and then his alchemy professors who concluded that he was "mediocre" at his work.

Since then, Drak gained a place in the world by becoming a Drug Lord that works for the Jade Shark; serving them only as he sees fit to his own whims. His first attempt to make a marked movement for the Jade Shark ended in near-disaster as he created a super epidemic that swept through Ba Sing Se known as "The Scarlet Plague." Unfortunately, it didn't target only benders, and Drak himself is dealing with some of the strain on his own person. His second attempt to strike out for the Jade Shark (whom he saw as being inert) was to take a partner in crime and blow the Southern Air Temple to kingdom come. This mission, to Drak's glee, and any good-soul's horror, was a success.


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