The Fire Nation capital hasn't changed much in the Hou Tian universe, and is still as busy as ever. The harbor city has become more diverse since the end of the war, with more people traveling in and out of the country, but the Crater remains available only to nobles and those with specific permission from the Fire Lord himself.

The CraterEdit

The Crater is still the seat of power and nobility in the capital. The royal palace sits within the center, and all the noble

houses and estates surround it. The Crater itself is like a smaller city within the capital, with many amenities the nobility need so they won't

even need to leave the Crater. Since Fire Lord Zuko has taken power, travel between the Crater and the harbor city is more com

mon, especially among the younger nobility.

The Harbor City

The harbor city is where most of the fun happens in the Fire Nation capital. Shops upon shops upon shops, one can find almost anything from around the world in the markets. Since the war ended, many soldiers were put out of work and started to open up their own trading stands in the city, and have seen relative success with the incoming goods from places that were never conquered by the Fire Nation military. The harbor city is full of restaurants, has two public libraries, a couple theatre houses, and other entertainment of the seedier variety. Many people live in the city, and it's comparable in size to Ba Sing Se (though the Earth Kingdom capital is larger).

The Royal PlazaEdit

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