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The Fire Nation Royal Palace is nestled in the Crater, in the heart of the Fire Nation and is considered the capital. The Fire Lord runs his country from here and all political power is centralized to the capital and by proxy the palace. The palace itself is more than just fancy living quarters for the Fire Lord and his family; it houses hundreds of staff, students, teachers, visiting dignitaries, and anyone else lucky enough to find the Fire Lord's favor and move in. It's more like a small city within the capital than it is a mansion.

Current ResidentsEdit

  • Fire Lord Zuko
  • Lady Ursa
  • Lady Katara of the Water Tribe
  • Sifu Touda Lung Hua (Imperial firebending teacher)
  • Sifu Toph Bei Fong (Earthbending teacher)
  • Karasa "Cyan" Kabanei (Healer)
  • Liu He (Secretary and general scribe)
  • Jai Sabri Rashandan (Imperial tutor)
  • Tom Tom
  • Tai
  • Lula (Psychiatrist)
  • Iing (Historian)
  • Various servants and staff
  • ADD MORE PEOPLE HERE GAIZ, I can't remember everyone

Notable Locations in the Palace Edit

  • The Throne Room
  • The Salon

    The Salon

  • The Library
  • The Agni Kai Arena
  • The Teacher's Hall
  • The Nursery
  • The Royal Apartments

    A bedroom

  • The Training Arenas
  • The Classrooms


The Agni Kai Arena

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