Cyan is a witty, (mostly) cool headed healer in a nation of fiery people.

Karasa "Cyan" Kabanei
Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityFire Nation, Earth Kingdom
D.O.BMay 22, 84 ASC
Social StandingNobility by Marriage
Physical Description
EthnicityWater Tribe
Weight130 lbs
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorCyan
Personal Attributes
ElementWater; Healing
WeaponryTonfa; Average skills
Skill LevelHealing; Near Mastery
Other SkillsAdvice-doling
Work & Politics
ResidenceFire Nation Palace
Political ViewpointProgressive
AllegianceThe Dawn
Known EnemiesBias, suffering, and bad hair days


Karasa was born and raised (for the most part) in Ba Sing Se by a single mother and her family, her father having left when she was six.

Her family owned a medicine store and also held healing sessions if they were necessary or requested. As a group of healers during the war, the business blossomed. For this reason, Karasa learned the ins and outs of healing from her mother and grandmother. Although she didn't particularly enjoy the training, Karasa loved working with her family to help others, be they more affluent or less fortunate than herself.

Aside from helping run her family’s shop, Karasa also frequented the Jasmine Dragon and eventually became friends with Li (although Li was a bit of an introvert in her opinion) and his uncle Mushi.

After the war ended, her mother Kavani met the love of her life, Lo Zahn; a man who believed in peace and equality just as her family did. Shortly after, Karasa and her mother moved to the Fire Nation Capital with him; Kavani becoming a lady of the Court, and Karasa becoming what her step-father joking called "A palace brat." Cyan quickly picked up the court conduct, although she continued to love the more laidback style of Ba Sing Se.

After landing on the docks in Harbor City of the Fire Nation, a particularly tall and very Fire Nation naval officer bumped into her- a boy of about seventeen who happened to be headed the same way as her own family. Touda and Cyan's first run-in was a literal one, but with a little awkwardness, and a lot of apologies for his ungainly armour, the two of them quickly bonded after it was figured out that Cyan's only other Fire Nation aquaintance happened to not be "Li" but instead, Touda's best friend, Fire Lord Zuko.

Karasa’s mother has also taken up owning a clinic of sorts from one of the properties her husband owns, offering quick sessions to those in need. She can usually be found running the Healing House in her mother's absense.


In a word? Amicable.

"Oh my La."

Friends and AcquaintancesEdit

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