Kuei is the King of Ba Sing Se, and to a greater extent, the whole Earth Kingdom. Previously a clueless nerd, Kuei spent the last six years studying politics and governmental systems, regulating himself to just "nerd".

"I am not a politician. I have all the power I need; I do not care to be swayed by money, I do not need to make friends or appeal to special interests to keep office. I am a monarch, and my only duty is to myself and my people- I need not please anyone else."

Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityEarth Kingdom
D.O.BApril 5th, 75 ASC
Social StandingRoyalty
Physical Description
EthnicityEarth Kingdom
Hair ColorBlack
Eye Color
Personal Attributes
Skill Level
Other SkillsGood with Animals
Work & Politics
ResidenceEarth Kingdom Palace
Political ViewpointSocial Progressive; Fiscal Conservative
OccupationKing; Absolute Monarch
AllegianceThe Dawn
Known Enemies


Kuei became King at the age of 4. Since his father's death - his mother died in childbirth - Kuei had been overseen by a series of advisors who kept him away from what had been truely going on in Ba Sing Se. His closest advisor, Long Feng, manipulated Kuei into the fall of his prized city-nation. Soon after, Azula ruled the country for a very short period, and Kuei took the time to journey across the country side and learn how his people were actually faring. What he found surprised him, and as soon as the war was over, he returned to his throne. Once there, he began an extensive restructuring of Ba Sing Se and its laws, hoping to free his people and allow the city-state to truly flourish.


Ever the animal-lover, Kuei is still the somewhat socially awkward and bumbling man he was six years ago; although now, it is arguable that he is quite the leader in his own right. Kuei spends every minutes of his spare time working to improve his country and the life of his people, and often spends late hours in his study perusing over legal documents and past royal decrees. He is noble, honest, and attempts to make up for what he sees as his previous failings as a leader and as King, when he was forced to abandon the city.

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