The Outer Walls of Omashu

Omashu is the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom and the capital of one of its provinces


Before earthbending was discovered, there were two warring tribes in the area. A man, Shu, and a woman, Oma, from opposing tribes met and fell in love. Though they were forbidden to see each other, they were able to find a way: they learned earthbending from the bagermoles that lived inside of the mountain between their villages. Using their bending, they made an intricate tunnel system where they could secretly meet.

Oma and Shu

Unfortunatly, Shu was later killed in the war. Oma, furious and deeply sad, used earthbending to end the war. The villages built a new city where both tribes could live together in peace. The city was named Omashu after the two lovers.

Later, during the Fire Nation's attempted conquest of the Earth Kingdom, Omashu was seen as an impenitrable stronghold, ruled by King Bumi. It was one of the Earth Kingdom's last great stronghold, but fell just months before the end of the war. It was later taken back single-handedly by King Bumi, who continues to live there.

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