Pakku is a waterbending master with an acerbic personally, currently residing in the Southern Water Tribe and teaching part-time.

Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityNorthen Water Tribe
D.O.Bapprox. 21 ASC
Social Standing
Physical Description
EthnicityWater Tribe
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorIce Blue
Personal Attributes
ElementWaterbender; Combat
Skill LevelMaster
Other Skills
Work & Politics
ResidenceNorthern Water Tribe
Political Viewpoint
OccupationWaterbending Sifu
AllegianceThe Dawn, The Order of the White Lotus
Known Enemies


Born and raised in the Northern Water Tribe, he had a fairly uneventful childhood. Everything went smoothly for him-- he was a bending prodigy, engaged to a girl he loved-- until said fiancée ran away without explanation. Life went on, but he never forgot that experience. He became even more devoted to waterbending than ever before, and it remained the central aspect of his entire life. Pakku mastered the art and became a highly respected teacher.

Years later, the Avatar arrived in the North Pole looking for a sifu and agreed to train under Master Pakku. The Avatar brought with him Katara, who wanted to be trained in combative waterbending, contrary to the customs of the Northern Water Tribe. The ensuing clash escalated until Katara challenged Pakku to a fight (which would become the stuff of urban legend, or at least inspire the admiration of a bunch of little girls). Pakku won, incapacitating Katara, but during the duel her necklace was knocked off and he recognized it as the betrothal necklace he had carved for Kanna when they were engaged. Dun dun dun.


Grumpy buffaloyak. Other words that might describe him include "sarcastic", "arrogant", and "meanie-face."



The love of his life. He thinks she makes the torches shine brighter and various other sentiments he'd never admit to having.


Recent history notwithstanding, he's very proud of her, both as teacher and grandfather-of-a-sort.


Not close in any way.


Mostly professional relationship.


Although Pakku doesn't consider them very close and mostly enjoys teasing Aang, he respects the Avatar and cares about his former student.

Order of the White Lotus

Good friends who have mostly let their correspondence lapse.

Waterbending Students



The waterbender who turned out to be an airbender left an impression, and he hopes she'll be happy under Aang's wing.