Rainier the Merchant
Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityColonial Fire Provinces
Social StandingMerchant
Physical Description
EthnicityFire Criollo
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorFire Nation Golden
Personal Attributes
Skill LevelGymnasium Graduate
Other SkillsNone
Work & Politics
Political ViewpointN/A
AllegianceThe Kolau Trading Guild
Known EnemiesN/A

The War & Early WarsEdit

Rainier was born in the Fire Nation Colonies in Earth Country approximately sixteen years before the end of the war. She was the second born child of a fish merchant and his wife. Her family is third generation Colonial. That is to say that it was her grandfather who emigrated from the Fire Nation and into the Earth Kingdom Colonies. There has been no inter-marrying with the aboriginals (Earth Country subjects) and Rainier is a full blooded Fire national.

At the end of The Great War Rainier's family met much hardship. Her father was by this point very old and could not compete with the younger fish merchants. He had managed to make enough money to support the family previously because of the quasi-monopoly Fire Nation merchants had in the colonies, but after aboriginals began to reclaim the colonies the fish market's yields decreased too low for him. One day then her father called for her and her brother. He gave them each a gold coin, a good portion of his life savings. He told them that he could no longer keep either continue to provide for them and that they would have to become adults that day. The gold coin was the last gift he could give to them. Neither child felt any resentment to their parents for this. Their parents were in their golden years and could barely pay their own way. They (the children) on the other hand still had their two legs and hands.

Rainier's older sibling took a job in the town as a waiter. Rainier on the other hand used the gold coin to buy a Camelephant, several pounds of fish, and a variety of small tools. Smoked fish was selling well elsewhere in the Kingdom. After giving her good byes to her family Rainier became a merchant on that day.

107 ASCEdit