Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityFire Nation
Age20 years
D.O.BAugust 17 87 ASC
Social StandingCitizen
Physical Description
EthnicityFire Nation
Weight132 lbs
Hair ColorDark Auburn
Eye ColorAmber
Personal Attributes
WeaponryScimitar, Bending/Hand-to-Hand Combat
Skill LevelBeginner/Intermediate Bending, Proficient with the Scimitar/ other swords.
Other SkillsCooking, Pottery, Riding, Drawing, Stealing (though she'd never stoop to such a level again).
Work & Politics
ResidenceFire Nation Capital
Political Viewpoint
AllegianceThe Dawn
Known Enemies

To put things simply, Rasha is quite the oddball. Despite her... complicated past, she remains a cheerful, friendly, and kind person. She's always looking out for her friends and loved ones, and if it came to it, would gladly put her life on the line to make sure they do not get hurt. Though she a bit on the shy and quiet side upon first meeting her, once you gain her trust you will have a loyal friend and ally. However, despite her positive exterior, there is much darker streak beneath it.

One of her biggest flaws is that she will do virtually anything to get what she wants. Though her intentions may be just, the means she uses to get to her goals can sometimes be on the more negative side of the spectrum.

She also has quite a temper, and if you play your cards right, you will have one angry firebender on your tail. (But it's her scimitar you want to watch out for.) She is definitely one to hold a grudge, and it takes very long for her to forgive.