Srai Tan She
Srai by VeniceGirl
Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityEarth Kingdom; Ba Sing Se
D.O.BApril 23, 83 ASC
Social StandingCommoner; aliases vary
Physical Description
EthnicityEK; Ba Sing Sean
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Green
Personal Attributes
WeaponryMartial Combat, Kukri Knife
Skill LevelNear Master
Other SkillsKunoichi style manipulation
Work & Politics
ResidenceThe Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se
Political ViewpointExtremist
OccupationEmissary for the Jade Shark
AllegianceJade Shark
Known EnemiesThe Dawn, The Original People of the Flame, each and every bender.

"Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent underneath it...”


It's behind her. :B

Personality Edit

She curses like a *$%& sailor!

Fighting StyleEdit

Kukri aside

Of course, a kukri knife does cut time (among other things) in half.

, Srai Tan's fighting style could be considered reminescent to the pressure point method of Ty Lee-- if the little pink bonbon suddenly took a dive off the ruthless end. Instead of focusing on energy channels to render bending and limbs useless through blocked chi, Srai uses pressure points to cause physical damage; hyper-extending joints, fracturing vulnerable bones, and delivering concussive, ripping strikes to the ligaments. She relies on surprise, strategy, precision, and speed in her combat style.

Unlike some of her more insane comrades, Srai doesn't particularly enjoy inflicting such damage, but as any girl from the wrong ring can tell you, the point of a fight isn't to sympathize, it's to deal your opponent more harm than they're causing you. And if the quickest way to get on with it is to incapacitate them in the process, then so be it.

Of course, as both Srai's methods of charm and fighting style rely on her ability to get close to the enemy, her disadvantage lies in long-ranged defense and attacks. Because of this, the shark has taken to throwing knives and as of late, dart needles; a style she picked up from the assassin Si Yue. While the projectiles don't give the defensive reassurance of say, a staff or bow and arrow, Srai still takes pride in knowing she can hit a retreating target.

"Friends" and AssociatesEdit

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