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Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityEarth Kingdom
Social StandingKyoshi Warrior Leader
Physical Description
EthnicityEK; Kyoshian
Hair ColorAuburn
Eye ColorBlue
Personal Attributes
WeaponryFans, Katana, Martial Arts
Skill LevelMastered
Other SkillsAcrobatics
Work & Politics
Political Viewpoint
OccupationHead Warrior
AllegianceThe Dawn
Known Enemies


Born on Kyoshi Island Suki had trained since she was 8 years old. Since meeting the Avatar and his friends, her life had changed much. From helping refugees to being held at the Boiling Rock. All during this time she had grown closer to Sokka. Now that the war has been over, Suki continued to stay as the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. There are always new warriors to be trained. Yet she has been able to travel some to see friends, especially Sokka who she wished she could see more of. Recently a lot has gone on. From almost attending a wedding (to which Mai ran off after) to getting engaged to Sokka that same night everything else happened. Though some might not understand, she supports Katara and her recent development.


Sokka's Proposal


Suki often shows that she is not afraid to speak what is on her mind, she is tough and assertive. Those are qualities she shows through the leadership of the Kyoshi Warriors along with great loyalty and compassion. Since she has known Sokka, a softer side to her has risen. She is also one to take up things herself, a woman of action. Be wary of getting on her bad side for Suki tends to hold onto grudges.

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