Tai is a 7-year-old Earthbender from Ba Sing Se who is currently living in the Fire Nation palace. Played by Dinky.

Mini Profile
Biographical Information
NationalityEarth Kingdom
D.O.BFeb. 27th, 99 ASC
Social StandingNobility
Physical Description
EthnicityEarth Kingdom
WeightVaries (slight build)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Personal Attributes
Skill LevelEarly intermediate
Other SkillsDrawing!
Work & Politics
ResidenceFire Nation Palace
Political Viewpoint
Known EnemiesHomework

History and Current EventsEdit

Tai is the daughter of an Earth Kingdom general father and noblewoman mother. Though her mother died of illness when she was just three years old, she has lived a happy life in Ba Sing Se with her father, General Pao. Recently, she was hussled off to the Fire Nation Capital to live in the palace as the beginnings of a matchmaking scheme, unbeknownst to her at the time. To be completed...


Zuko ) Tai's relationship with the Fire Lord could be called friendship at times and mentorship at others. Since Zuko was essentially the one to bring her to the palace in the first place, and the first person she met, she's latched onto him as her guardian. He's adapted to her insistence fairly easily, even providing her her own desk in his office, where she goes to draw, chat, hide from nannies, and just hang out.

Karasa "Cyan" ) **Tai's first experience with the transplant Waterbender was an oddly interesting foray into the Harbor City marketplace, accompanied by Miss Katara and Zuko. If she thought about it, Miss Karasa was partly to thank for her (now bigger) puppykitten, Charlie. For that reason alone, she gets Tai's seal of approval. Add to that the fact that she was the one to help care for Tai after her nasty run-in with "that Firebender from the prison," and you've got a recipe for respect and gratitude.

Katara ) Tai doesn't know much about the famed Waterbender, but their run-ins (however few and far between) have been friendly. Though still somewhat awed by the presence of such living legends, Tai thinks Miss Katara would be a very likeable person. This is all an assumption, however; the last time she actually spoke to the Waterbender was the first time they met. Zuko seems to like her though, so she can't be all that bad.

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