Ht map locations

The Hou Tian World Map

The full view of the Hou Tian map is available: here.

Playable Locations Edit

The following are a complete list of playable locations found in Hou Tian.

To the NorthEdit

The North Pole Edit

  • The Northern Water Tribe
  • The Spirit Oasis
  • The Tundra

South of the NorthEdit

To the East Edit

The Grand City of Ba Sing SeEdit

  • The Upper Ring
  • The Middle Ring
  • The Lower Ring
  • The Underground

The Si Wong DesertEdit

  • The Plains
  • The Labyrinth
  • Jibade

East of the Continent Edit

  • The Eastern Air Temple
  • Full Moon Bay

Heart of the LandEdit

  • Serpant's Pass
  • The Abandoned Mining Town
  • The Great Divide

The Western Earth KingdomEdit

  • Senlin Village
  • The Ruins of Taku
  • The Mining Village
  • Omashu

To the West Edit

A Little More NorthEdit

  • The Western Air Temple
  • The Boiling Rock
  • The Sun Warrior's Ancient City

The Fire Nation CapitalEdit

  • The Crater
  • The Royal Plaza
  • Harbor City

The InlandsEdit

  • Ember Island
  • Roku's Island
  • Fire Fountain City

The Edge of the Fire NationEdit

  • Crescent Island
  • Jang Hui
  • Shu Jing

The SouthEdit

The Southern Earth KingdomEdit

  • The Foggy Swamp
  • Gaoling
  • Chin Village
  • The Island of Kyoshi

Whale Tail IslandEdit

  • The Base of the Southern Raiders
  • The Fishing Port

The Patola Mountain RangeEdit

The South PoleEdit

  • The Southern Water Tribe
  • Kuruk's Caverns
  • The Tundra