These are the Inlands of the Fire Nation.

Fire Fountain CityEdit

Fire Fountain City is a large, industrial city located within the Fire Nation. It's named for the large fire-breathing statue of Fire Lord Ozai in the city's center.

Roku's IslandEdit

A small Fire Nation island which bore and homed the previous Avatar Roku. Over 100 years ago, it was home to a prosperous village. When Roku wasn't attending to his Avatar duties, Roku and his wife Ta Min dwelt peacefully in a modest cottage here, raising their family.

Roku's Island

Currently, the isle bares the resemblance of a barren wasteland, showing no signs of past or present civilization. This is a result of a volcanic eruption which took place 112 years ago that buried the island village in deep ash.

Ember IslandEdit

Ember Island is a resort Island located in the outside Islands of the Fire Nation. It is home to many luxurious resorts and homes for the nation's rich and powerful. The beaches are among the most popular in the country, and the island is known to host many Kuai ball games. The Island is less known for being the final home of Avatar Roku's wife, Ta Min.

The Ember Island Beach

Finally, once yearly, the Island hosts the biggest festival in the Fire Nation known simply as the Lights Festival- a grand affair that elects a Prince and Princess of the festival to reenact an ancient Fire Nation love story that details the uniting of the Fire Nation Islands.