Avatar Kyoshi

Avatar Kyoshi, founder of the Kyoshi Warriors

A group of female warriors, founded by Avatar Kyoshi and currently led by Suki. They originate from Kyoshi Island.


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Uniform and WeaponryEdit


The Kyoshi Warriors have a unique uniform style. It consists of a dark green underskirt with a lighter green overskirt. The sleeves have gold insignia that represents the honor of the warrior's heart. The silk thread symbolizes the brave blood that flows through the veins. They wear unique metal headdresses and elaborate hairstyles, with a special tasseled headdress for the captain. Their make-up, consisting of white face powder, vibrant red eye shadow, and stylized eyebrows and lip color, is designed to intimidate opponents. They also wear heavy armor. Despite the apparent cumbersomeness of their uniform, the Kyoshi Warriors are able to easily maneuver and fight.


The weapons of the Kyoshi Warriors includes a pair of metal fans, a katana, and a shield. The fans are used as an extension of their own arms. They also use hand-to-hand martial arts, and focus on turning their opponents' strength against them. Their shields strap to their forearms and unfold when needed.