The Ukemanem Peoples

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A brief HistoryEdit

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Plains FaunaEdit

The air animals of the plains, like much else in the plains, are a well kept secret of the Ukemanem. Unless somebody happens upon the Ukemanem tribe, the air animals won't be known to the rest of the world. Although, the desert animals are more common, and therefore are seen in zoos and other places in the Si Wong Desert.


The Ukemanem people are quite fashionable. All of the clothing they wear is made of natural animal fibers, hand woven into yarn, and hand dyed with berries, plant extracts, muds, and blood. Making just one yard of cloth is very time consuming and takes an expert hand, and because of this (and that it is hot out all the time) most of the Ukemanem people only wear one or two items of clothing. Usually these are simple garments, either a wrap, sash, skirt, or dress. Nothing requires more than two seams. Many garments are adorned with beads and gold, and jewelry is an important part of the Umekanem culture.

The Ukemanem are a race of airbenders, and as such have airbending tattoos. These tattoos are done in stages from beginner to master. Only master airbenders have the same tattoo pattern that Aang does, with the head and arms and legs covered. But, there are many varieties of tattoos, and each person gets to choose what is most aesthetically pleasing to them. Non benders do not have tattoos.

As a race, the Ukemanem are all dark in features. Their skin ranges from a light powdery brown to that of a dark coffee. Most commonly the colors are in between these two extremes. Their eyes are most commonly brown, amber, gold, grey, and grey-blue. But true blue, green, and hazel are also seen. Hair is always dark, but ranges from deep auburn, to dark brown, to black. More often than not though, they are bald headed. All boys and men have shaven heads, as well as women after marriage. Women before marriage have short hair, usually too short to tie back.

The typical Ukemanem Man is 5'10 - 6'3 and 160 - 250 lbs The typical Ukemanem Women is 5'5 - 6'0 and 120 - 145 lbs

The Ukemanem are a fit people as a whole, and are usually thin and toned. The men's chest muscles are visible, while the women's are not, but they are still well muscled. As the people age, they may grow heavier in weight. Whether it be from the women having child-birth weight, or the men becoming less fit as they get older.